Slide FAMILY This is a family business. But it's more than our name... it's also our culture and way of life. We understand the role that pets play in your life. Because at our core, this is a team of passionate animal lovers who will always take care of your animals like they were our own. And we understand the importance of trust and relationships. Our team is attentive, caring, and detail-oriented. We will always do right by you, every single time. Because once you walk through our doors or invite us onto your farm, you are family. And we wouldn't have it any other way.

Dogs & Cats Herd Health The primary lesson of biology is you either grow or you decay. We choose to grow, in every single thing we do. We do it because we believe, passionately, in the love that you share with your pet. We know how many quiet moments you spend with your pet, how many shared experiences you have, and the kind of love you feel for each other. That is why, every single day, we strive to build a brighter future for your pet's health care. We push each other to get there. Because the love you share with your companion is precious. And we exist to protect it. Perhaps the most important avenue of growth for us is our culture. We are impassioned by helping the people of Midwest Vet Centre reach their true potential as veterinary professionals. And we really care about taking care of people. This is a place where the team truly loves working with each other, collaborating with each other, and caring for every person and pet who walks through our doors like family. Because to us, you are. We have two locations to better serve the people and animals of our community. At our Eldridge office, we care for all types of animals, including farm animals. At our Marquoketa office, we care for large animals, such as production cattle, camelids, sheep, goats, and more. But while our teams have a different focus and training in animal medicine, our approach is always the same: to treat you and your animals like you were our family. It's why Risius was built, and it is the legacy that we honor every day.

Slide Legacy This community has counted on us for nearly 40 years to care for them like family. That is a level of trust that we do not take lightly. Honoring this legacy of always caring for you as one of our own is the most important thing in our lives. And the way we do that is by continuing to learn, grow, and get better at caring for you the best way we know how. We are always working to raise the standards of care that we provide. Because you are family, and you deserve the best there is.

What your neighbors say…

I wouldn’t take Wrigley anywhere else. I want the best possible care for him and a friendly and clean atmosphere. He is my child with fur. He provides unconditional love and deserves the very best.


We have gone here for years and it’s truly an awesome place. The care and compassion that the staff shows for animals is top notch.


I want to thank Dr. Kim Lehman for making two “farm calls” to provide gentle care and attention to one of our sheep. It had been attacked and was gravely wounded. Dr. Kim demonstrated professionalism and heart as she administered treatment to a very sad and hurt animal. Today, that sheep has recovered – for which I am extremely grateful.


I have been to several vets in my day. This hast to be one of the best around and I come all the way from Coal Valley, Illinois to get to them.

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