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Importance of Necropsies

Importance of Necropsies -- From the Desk of Tyler Trenkamp, D.V.M. “A dead calf is worth nothing, but a dead calf with a diagnosis can be the most valuable animal on the farm (Dr. Mark Hilton, Beef Magazine).” Necropsies (post-mortem exams, the same as autopsies in people) help diagnose diseases and nutritional imbalances. If the [...]

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DCM & BEG Diets

Grain-Free Food Causes Heart Failure... Maybe Grain-free pet food is a current pet food fad.  Yes, I said it. It’s a fad, just like bouffant hair, peace signs, and oxygen bars. We've all seen the pet food commercials touting the benefits of grain-free food, and the reasons all dogs should be eating grain-free: By-products are [...]

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