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Grain-Free Food Causes Heart Failure... Maybe Grain-free pet food is a current pet food fad.  Yes, I said it. It’s a fad, just like bouffant hair, peace signs, and oxygen bars. We've all seen the pet food commercials touting the benefits of grain-free food, and the reasons all dogs should be eating grain-free: By-products are [...]

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Pet Food Myth Busters: Grain Free

At the beginning of the New Year our attention often turns to New Year resolutions and goals for healthier living.  Hopefully you’ll consider setting healthy living goals for your pet, too.  That may include weight loss, more exercise, or feeding a higher quality pet food.  According to a 14 year study done with dogs, keeping [...]

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New Years Resolutions

With the New Year comes new resolutions for healthy living and weight loss.  Over half of our beloved pets are obese.  If your pet is in the overweight majority, you should think about including them in your New Year resolutions for healthy living.  Losing weight and getting in shape not only adds years to your [...]

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