Dr. Skye Doerscher has been in the veterinary field since starting as a vet assistant while in high school in Ohio.  She attended Manchester University in Indiana, and while there worked on dude ranches in Colorado during her summer breaks.  After graduating from college, she moved to Colorado where she spent time on ranches working with cattle and horses, and worked full-time in a nuclear chemistry lab.  She attended Colorado State University and graduated as a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine in 2008.  Before entering practice, Dr. Skye worked for the USDA both in a beef plant (Joslin, IL) and as an marketing auditor.  In 2012, she joined Risius Family Veterinary Service as an associate and joined the ownership team as a partner in 2019. At the clinic, Dr. Skye specializes in small animal medicine. She is currently a member of:

When not at the clinic Dr. Skye enjoys spending time with her husband Darin and son Ben. She enjoys many things including gardening, kayaking, photography and genealogy.  Dr. Skye’s animal family includes dogs (Colo & Finn), cats (Donna, Rey, & Chico), chickens, and a small beef cattle herd.